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We can appreciate just how busy you are. That's why we take the stress out of your divorce. We handle all your paperwork. All you have to do is file them and show up for your court date!

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Our experts will prepare a ready-to-sign set of divorce forms tailored to your case in a couple of days. It is so simple and easy just fill out our questionnaire and your forms will arrive in your email inbox in a few short days.

How We Can Help You Get a Divorce in Military:

We are here to support you through the whole process. Your paperwork professional will prepare your military divorce procedure forms and allow you to do your divorce in the military confidently on your own. Once you order our military divorce procedure Service, we make sure you're satisfied. We will be standing by in case you have any questions, and our divorce in the miltiary is guaranteed to work or your money back. (See the Guarantee on the Prices Page)

Get Military Divorce Information Online Quickly. We Make it Easy

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U.S. State Divorce Questions:
My husband lives in a different State?

You can file your divorce in the state you have Residency in, regardless of where your husband is. And if you can't find your husband, our "missing husband divorce method" can still help. Keep in mind that if you do know where your husband is located, it is always good to have him "served" with the divorce forms just to prevent any future surprises on either behalf.

We both moved to a different State since we married?

You can file your divorce in the state you have Residency in, regardless of where you were originally married. The average residency requirement is 6 months to 1 year. This varies among States, so call your County Courthouse to check.

Our Service
Should I get a divorce?

We wholeheartedly believe that divorce should never be taken lightly. That is why we will never tell you that it’s time for you to get a divorce. We will never try to “sell” divorce to you or encourage you to give up on your marriage. Our only purpose is to make the process as painless and easy as possible for those who have already decided that divorce is the right choice for them.

How do we divide up property and children custody in the divorce?

We handle only uncontested divorces. This means that you and your spouse will have to agree on how assets and custody will be divided. (or at least not be willing to fight with lawyers about it) Once you have agreed on how to divide things up, we prepare the documents required to do so.

Are there any hidden costs?

Our service is a standard flat rate. We will not charge you any hidden or unexpected fees. However, your county courthouse will require a filing fee when you file the paperwork. This fee varies from one county to another, so we strongly recommend calling your local county courthouse to find out how much the filing fee is. They usually range from $100 -$200 dollars on average.

What do I do after I get the forms?

We provide complete filing instructions along with our completed forms. Once your paperwork is completed, finishing the divorce is simply a matter of filing the forms at your courthouse and attending a final hearing as a formality. Our instructions also contain a sample courtroom statement that you can read during the final hearing. We are here to answer any questions our customers have and will never leave you confused about what to do next.

Will the court really accept these forms?

Once you order our service and fill out the simple questionnaire, our paralegals use that information to complete divorce forms that are specific to your situation and your location. We don’t offer the generic, one-size-fits-all forms that some of our competitors do. Our forms are guaranteed to be exactly what your local courthouse requires. If the court rejects our forms and we can’t fix them, see our Guarantee for a quick and easy remedy.

Can’t I fill out the forms myself?

The forms required by most courts can be very difficult to understand and have very strict requirements. Our paralegals are trained and qualified to fill out the forms your local courthouse requires. By choosing to use our service, you ensure that your divorce paperwork is filled out correctly and will not be rejected by the court.

Do you offer legal advice?

We do not offer legal advice or represent you in court. You however, have a constitutional right to legally represent yourself. Our job is to make that process simple and easy to understand. We can’t answer questions about “what should I do?” but we can answer “how do I do it?”.

If you do require legal advice, we have a partner service that can help you. You can simply pay a small monthly fee and get all the legal advice you need. You can cancel anytime, of course.

Is "Service" to the Defendant (your husband) covered in the price?

Service is cheap or even free at times. Almost not worth mentioning, but since you don't pay this fee directly to us, it is not included in our service. We do help you out in the following way; we give you instructions on how it can be done for FREE in an Agreed Divorce. Also, a County Sheriff could do the service for a small fee, usually around 30-40 dollars. Call your local Sheriff's Office for "Servicing" information.

How long before I have my forms?

Usually less than 72 hours. However, results may vary. Then the forms will be emailed to you as soon as they pass the review stage of processing.

I’m worried about internet scams.

Many people are wary of ordering any kind of service on the internet, and we understand that. We would like to assure you that we are a legitimate business with years of experience behind us. We have served many happy customers and some have even written back to thank us for making their divorce simple and fast. See our testimonies page with letters from satisfied customers. If for some reason the court rejects your forms and we can’t fix them, see our Guarantee for a quick and easy remedy. Also, we use full, up to date security on our site and make sure that using our service provides no risk to our customers.

Types of Divorces we do
I can't find my husband?

You'll have to show the court that you at least tried to the best of your ability. The court will want you to run a newspaper ad in the county where the Courthouse is to inform your husband of the legal proceeding going on. The court also requires you to sign a statement saying that you diligently looked for your husband.

My husband is in prison?

No problem as long as he signs the agreement to the divorce, otherwise you will need a lawyer. This applies to all forms of incarceration.

My husband is in the Military?

Special paperwork is needed but we can still help you as long as your husband is in agreement to the divorce and one of you can file the divorce papers.

Whoever is on US soil will need to be the one to file the divorce and if you happen to be military personnel and the one filing the divorce, you will file in the state that you fulfill residency in. It is usually where you are at the moment.

Learn more about our military divorce package here.

My husband is refusing to sign the divorce papers. What now?

Your husband can refuse all he wants. As long as you can show the court that he received the divorce papers, the case will continue and he will eventually default on his end.

One of us is not a US citizen?

Yes, we can still help. In a scenario where a spouse is not from the US and/or in the US, the divorce is filed by the person who fulfills residency (citizenship not necessary) in the US. The other spouse will have to sign the divorce forms in agreement (unless of course they can't be found). Call us and we will explain this to you.

General Divorce Questions
How long is the divorce process ?

An uncontested divorce takes about 90 days without children and 180 days with children. Call the county court in your state to find out for sure.

How much are the Court Costs?

Regardless of which divorce method you pursue, you will have to pay the court cost for filing and administrative fees. Your County Courthouse's phone number should be available in the County Government section of the phone book. Call and find out. The court cost is different between states and ranges from $75 to $225 depending on the nature of your case.